My Little Boy


You are a miracle
You are a blessing from above
Brought joy to my soul
And pleasure to my eyes
In my heart I can feel it
An unexplainable feeling
Being a mother 
The best thing that I could ever ask for

Selamat Aqiqah Muhammad Almahdi Helmi

Just thinking of you, makes me smile
Holding you, looking in your eyes
I’m so grateful for having you
And everyday I pray
I pray that you’ll find your way

You know I love you, I love you
My little boy, my little boy
I ask God to bless you, and protect you always
My little boy, my little boy

You’re like a shining star
So beautiful you are
My baby boy 
You light up my world
I pray that I’ll get the chance
To be around and watch you grow
And witness your first steps
And the first time when you will call me “mom”

I could spend hours watching you
You’re so innocent, so wonderful and pure
Oh God I can not express my gratitude!
But I’ll raise him good, ‘cause all I want is to please You
And now I pray You’ll guide his steps forever

*) Custom changed from original lyric of My Little Girl by Maher Zain 
My Little Boy, Muhammad Almahdi Helmi was born on September 6th 2014 
Ya Allah, aku memohon perlindungan kepada-Mu untuknya dan untuk keturunannya. Aku memohon perlindungan dengan kalimat-kalimat Allah yang sempurna, dari semua godaan setan yang terkutuk dan binatang pengganggu serta 'ain (pandangan mata buruk). Aamiin.

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Muhammad Almahdi Helmi

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